“You love them but life and wedding planning is taking over and you really want to go back to basics, feel the love again rather than the list,  and be romantic for a moment rather than efficient!

Wedding planning is underway and the initial flurry of bookings is done, but the mad countdown hasn’t quite started, yet there are lots of exciting things happening! Who can you share it with?  How can you get excited without spilling the beans but where can you also have a cry, or a worry, but then come out of it feeling wonderful?

Well, Im delighted to tell you that there is a solution. A place where you and your partner can come together outside of the hustle and bustle and the opinions of friends and family. A place where you reconnect about what marriage means to you both and to get all loved up again.

With Helen Noble as a world-class marriage celebrant (@celebrantofsurrey)  and Vicci Massey a bridal coach (@thehealthybrideguide) the ‘Healthy wedding success course’ could be the answer!

Come to the gorgeous County Club at the top of Guildford’s stunning high street for a Saturday of excitement, romance, connection and marriage talk.  Share your concerns, deepen your love, and explore what marriage means to you in a safe, fun, important and most of all happy way. No stress of opinions from friends or family. Come and explore what marriage means to you as a couple through the safe hands of a wedding Celebrant and a Bridal coach.

Visit Helens Virtual Space Here