This is WeddingShow247’s monthly round-up. Take a look at some of the industry insights that were shared on our platform over the last month. We have hand-picked some of the highlights. For a full look at what is going on explore the blog and seminar room.

Top posts for this month

1. Written by Dine – Top tips for hiring external caterers for your Christmas party

When we think of the festive season, many of us think about those delicious festive feasts we wait all year to indulge in. So, when it comes to catering for your festive parties, you want to make the right choices for a stress-free, fun and mouth-wateringly good feast to feed your guests. Outsourcing your catering requirements to an external supplier is the best option to ensure that everyone eats well at your event. 

2. Written by Helen Noble – Who’s day is it? Yours or theirs?

This can be as complicated or as simple as you want – but there will be after-effects that might last longer than your decision-making window.  So take time, right at the start on HOW you are going to go about making decisions. 

Trying to navigate everyone’s opinions, suggestions, and expectations can be a total headache.  Someone somewhere won’t get what they want and you need to decide if what they want means more to you than what you want yourself.

3. Written by So Blooming Beautiful – Eco-Friendly Wedding: floral practices

Our efforts to be carbon neutral, non-toxic and waste-free are on-going. Every day we try to think of how the practices can improve so that we can get closer to that target.

It is not an easy task as the floristry industry is well established in its bad habits but having taught myself has helped to avoid them. We are always trying to find different ways to do things.

Coffee Chat in 15 with Buzz Music Group – Wedding Ceremony Music – What Are The Options?

Katie Bateman in conversation with Cressida Wislocki at Buzz Music Group. They discuss wedding ceremony music and what the options are.

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