The pandemic forced many industries to adapt to the changing times and needs of people, and the wedding industry was no different. What was once known as small, or intimate, is now the new playground of the micro wedding.

Not to say this is a bad thing by any means. The promotion of smaller, more snug wedding celebrations is a breath of fresh air for those who felt intimidated by the large-scale events we were convinced to host pre-pandemic.

With the average cost of weddings in the US sat at $27,100 in 2022, it makes sense to try and save money wherever possible. And with reports suggesting the cost of the wedding venue alone typically makes up 50% of the total budget, it’s wise to opt for a location that compromises on size, but not spectacle.

Below are some helpful tips to make finding a micro wedding venue that much easier.

Think outside the box

A micro wedding provides opportunities to get creative when choosing a venue. The smaller the wedding, the more choices available to you to bring your vision to life. The possibilities are endless – from backyards to barns, and parks, to local historical sites. And if you can get the permits, you can turn any location into an idyllic wedding to remember. Even an old barn has its charms when spruced up with bunting and fairy lights.

Consider accommodation when choosing

Before you select that gorgeous little country church, remember to consider that your guests will need somewhere to stay near the location. Check the surrounding area for B&Bs, cottages, and campgrounds before settling on a site. Also, keep in mind the type of people you have invited and what level of comfort and cost they will be looking for in accommodations before you book. Not everyone will be willing to try glamping just so they can attend a wedding in the woods.

Factor in additional requirements

Don’t forget to factor in all the bells and whistles you might want to add to your big day. Does the venue offer any assistance, or will you need to bring in everything yourselves?

Some major things to consider:

  • Is there catering on site?
  • Do tables and chairs come as part of a package?
  • Will you need to hire waiting staff?
  • What other amenities are included as standard?

The average cost per person for catering is $165-200, so consider what works best for your budget. Keep in mind that bringing in external chefs and service staff will quickly see prices soar.

Look for specific packages

If you aren’t looking to do all the extra legwork of arranging for each vendor to be brought to a venue, it may be best to look for packages that offer everything you need all in one place. Many hotels have introduced micro wedding packages. These are ideal for low-maintenance couples who prefer a more one-and-done approach to the planning stage.

If a cozy, intimate celebration with friends and family is your dream, then a micro wedding is certainly right for you. Keep in mind the above tips when searching for your venue and you are sure to find one that fits like a glove – quite literally.

This post was written by The Sixth Degree