You know the way it goes – the minute you get engaged you google your dream dress and lament the fact that the countdown seems ages away. But there will be so much to do during this time, and you will be planning your wedding months in advance – there will be plenty of things to tick off of your checklist even a year before the big day.  

Then, just like that, it’s the week before your wedding and a sense of panic starts to set in. Is there really nothing left to do? Is there anything you should be doing and, if so, what? 

Below we delve into the three things you should be doing during the week prior to your wedding (and hint: they’re not as crazy or stressful as you might fear!) 

1. Break in those wedding shoes 

If you’ve ever made the mistake of attending a party with brand new shoes – especially high-heeled ones – you’ll know that breaking them is pretty vital. Wearing your wedding shoes around the house is the first step towards not having aching feet at the end of your big day. Another clever trick is wearing thick socks in your shoes (at home, that is) to make sure they’re not too tight and won’t dig into your toes on your wedding day. 

2. Pack for your honeymoon 

That is, if you’re honeymooning straight after your wedding. Taking some time to plan for your travels is also a lovely way of focusing on your relationship and thinking about the time you’ll have together as a new husband and wife. Ordering foreign currency for your honeymoon is an important practical thing to remember, as are printing any tickets and packing your bags. However, you may also wish to take a bit of time to sit with your betrothed and look forward to the relaxation that will follow the inevitable pandemonium of your engagement and wedding day. 

3. Take some time off to relax 

As you’ll have noticed by now, time flies after all. Use the week before your big day to take stock of everything. Unless it’s just not possible, take some time off from work to give yourself a mental break. Use this time to check in with your bridal party as well and make sure they know how much you value sharing your special day with them. And best of all, take some time for those long-awaited beauty treatments you likely booked months ago and enjoy some welcome pampering for your nails, brows, and (if you haven’t done this already) hair. 

Whatever you choose to do during that last week before you tie the knot, make sure you set aside some time to breathe and enjoy the moment. That final week flies by even faster than all the rest and before you know it you’ll be saying your ‘I do’s’. So if nothing else, make sure you enjoy it! 

This post was written by Dan Burn