Booking a band for your event is the ultimate way to entertain your guests – nothing beats the energy and buzz of a great live band. It’s not a small amount of money though so it’s worth asking a few questions before booking just to make sure you have everything covered for it to run smoothly.

1) Where are they based?

Check where the musicians are based as this will affect how much they will charge so check if travel is included in their quote. It’s also more environmental if there is less travel involved so booking local bands is a great option.

2) Do they have insurance?

Make sure the musicians have personal liability insurance. This covers legal fees, expenses and compensation claims. In other words, if a musician knocks an ancient relic off the wall of your venue, they will be covered!

3) Do they have reviews you can see?

If they are an experienced band they should be able to show you reviews or testimonials from previous customers which will show their experience and expertise.

4) Do they have clips of them performing that you can see first?

They should be able to provide you with video or at least audio clips of them playing so you can see what standard they are. If you have a very specific combination of instruments, they may not always have footage of that particular line-up but you should always be able to hear them play before you book.

5) Do they take requests?

Most groups will be able to take requests though they may want to know them in advance. Find out how long before and also if there is an extra charge to make an arrangement of a special song.

6) Technical requirements

Will they need power outlets, a certain amount of space to play or some cover if playing outside? To give a rough idea, a 4 piece band needs around 3 x 4 metres and you can add an extra metre per extra member.

7) If it’s a band will they will bring lights and play a playlist between their sets?

Most bands can bring stage lights and can provide a playlist before, after and in between their sets. You can usually provide your own preferred playlist or leave it up to them to choose the tracks.

8) What is their policy regarding Covid if you need to postpone?

Hopefully this one isn’t needed anymore but…Can they transfer your deposit to a different date if you need to postpone due to Covid? Some groups have a limit on how many times you can do this so check with them.

9) How long do they need to set up?

A band will often want to arrive around 5 or 6pm as they need between 1-1.5 hours to set up and soundcheck. Will the room be free of guests during that time? Let them know if not.

10) How long will they play for?

Generally they will play two sets of an hour or 3 x 45 minute sets between 8.30-11pm if it’s a band and will often play longer for an extra cost.

And don’t forget, you will need to feed the band! It doesn’t need to be the same meal your guests are having but it’s good to provide a hot meal of some description to keep energy levels and morale tip top!

This post was written by Buzz Music Group. They are an exhibitor on the WeddingShow247 Bands floor of the Music Hall. You can visit their WeddingShow247 exhibition stand here