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1. Written by BusyBrides – 10 wedding cake alternatives for 2023

So first let’s understand why we have a wedding cake as this seems to have been part of the ceremony since the ancient Greeks. As part of the wedding nuptials the groom would break bread or a scone style cake over his bride’s head that symbolised her submission, the end of her purity and to represent good luck and fertility. Obviously, this has moved on over the years and that has turned into the most incredible wedding cakes.

2. Written by Dine – What to expect at a wedding venue viewing

If you’ve just got engaged and you’re beginning to plan your perfect day, then congratulations! It’s a really special time and here at Dine there’s nothing we love more than planning a great wedding and helping our clients find the perfect wedding venue for them.

3. Written by Buzz Music Group- Dance floor fillers for your wedding – tried and tested!

It’s your wedding day, the formalities are over and it may be one of the only occasions in your lifetime when you have all the people who matter the most to you in one place, celebrating and rooting for you.

4.Written by Dan Burn – Three things you should be doing during the week prior to your wedding

You know the way it goes – the minute you get engaged you google your dream dress and lament the fact that the countdown seems ages away. But there will be so much to do during this time, and you will be planning your wedding months in advance – there will be plenty of things to tick off of your checklist even a year before the big day.

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