Coffee Chat in 15 – Sheena Bradley Humanist Celebrant

Katie Bateman in conversation with, Sheena Bradley Humanist Celebrant. Katie asks what is a humanist celebrant and how does it differ from other celebrants? Sheena tells us is similar to a minister, where they can marry anyone anywhere, except from in a church or a registry office. The main difference is that it is a very personal ceremony that is tailored to the couples needs.

Hi, I’m Sheena and I am part of the network of Humanist Celebrants that can legally marry you in a non-religious ceremony anywhere in Northern Ireland. We are trained and accredited by Humanists UK. Each ceremony is personal, meaningful and memorable and is all about the couple’s love and commitment.

I love my role as a Humanist Celebrant, I am truly ‘in my element’! I will meet with you and try and get to know you. I will work with you to create and plan a marriage celebration that genuinely reflects both your personalities and style. It is always great to involve some of your nearest and dearest, and a highlight is always hearing a bit about your unique love story.

Sheena Bradley Humanist Celebrant are community members of the WedddingShow247 platform. You can find them on the . If you want to find out more about Sheena Bradley Humanist Celebrant and what they do, take a look at their virtual space here.

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