Remember last time you were at a wedding, that moment when everyone is suddenly on high alert, knowing they are going to get their first glimpse of the bride? The musicians lift up their instruments and their collective intake of breath signals that the music is about to begin. The first notes fill the room and the atmosphere is set, sweeping everyone up in emotion. 

In all honesty, both classical and pop music can work beautifully for the ceremony. We have worked on weddings where all the choices are pop or alternative and others where all the music is traditional classical, it totally depends on what atmosphere you want to create and your personal taste. Some people choose to start with classical for the ceremony, lighter more jazzy numbers for the drinks reception then classic dance tracks for the evening so it builds in intensity throughout the day, but anything goes!

There are four main points of the ceremony where music fits in and some choices from couples we have worked with:

  1. As people arrive – Noone has had a drink yet (well, most haven’t anyway!) and music at this point creates an atmosphere and a sense of excitement. It also puts people at ease as they gather and get seated, waiting for the ceremony to begin. You can be as late as you like to the ceremony, knowing that your guests are entertained.
  1. The Processional – This is when you walk down the aisle. That grand moment everyone has been waiting for. Again, a myriad of styles work and it’s about choosing a song or piece of music that you love. You could think about what tempo you prefer for your entrance – slow and stately or faster and more upbeat. For example, if classical, a more upbeat choice we have had is ‘The arrival of the Queen of Sheba’ by Handel. Slower numbers have included the beautiful ‘Kissing You’ from the film Romeo & Juliet and ‘To Build a Home’ from the Cinematic Orchestra. If you want a vintage or dreamy feel, ‘What a Wonderful World’  and ‘Moon River’ are stunning too.
  1. The signing of the register – This is the part of the ceremony where you’ll have time for a complete piece of music or two. Again, anything goes. Classical choices we have had are Elgar’s ‘Salut d’Amour’ and ‘Gabriel’s Oboe’ by Ennio Morricone. Non classical choices have been Bob Dylan’s  ‘Make you feel my love’ and Elvis ‘Can’t help falling in love’. The atmosphere at this point is more relaxed and your guests can sit back and enjoy listening.
  1. The Recessional – The moment you walk back down the aisle as a married couple. Most people opt for an upbeat number for this and you can go as silly as you like as the mood has lifted now to much less serious! We love one of our couples choice ‘Lovefool’ by The Cardigans and a beautiful uplifting classical choice is the Allegro from Mozart’s Divertimento in D.

Whatever your tastes in music, there is no such thing as a silly request. With the right expertise, any song can be arranged for the particular group you have opted for with the main theme played on an instrument if there is no singer. Popular choices that work perfectly for the ceremony are: String Quartet for full impact or String Trio, Solo harp, Singer with guitar/keyboard and Choral ensemble.

Whether you’re a fanfare type of couple or a minimalist dreamy one there’s a soundtrack for everyone!

This post was written by Buzz Music Group. They are an exhibitor on the WeddingShow247 Bands floor of the Music Hall. You can visit their WeddingShow247 exhibition stand here