So, you’ve finally got the ring you’ve spent years waiting for! But you never planned to get engaged during a global pandemic, so now what?! Do you go ahead and plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, surrounded by all your family and friends? Or do you sacrifice all of this for 15 guests because that’s what the government are currently allowing you to do? Who knows when this will all come to an end, but one thing that is certain is that one day it will!

Let’s look at the positives of becoming a covid fiancé…you are ahead of knowing what weddings are most likely going to look like for a little while, should you wish to get married sooner rather than later. You could look at embarking on a Plan A and Plan B route, so you are covered for both extremes. Keep Plan A as the day you have envisioned all along. For some couples this may have always been an intimate day, with just immediate family and the closest of friends. If you are the other extreme with a huge family and want to invite everyone to join your big day, then don’t let the current circumstances we are living in put you off.

If you are someone who likes to be super organized, and have spreadsheets or lists for everything, perhaps consider planning for a couple of years ahead. Whilst none of us know how much longer this will continue for, it will hopefully allow you plenty of time to plan, as well as a higher probability of all your guests being able to join you for your big day!

The key thing right now is research. For every supplier you connect with, talk to them about what their policies are now they have been running their business through the pandemic. You will most likely find everyone to be super flexible with regards to date changes etc. should they have to happen. Research venues who are going to be suitable for both your Plan A and Plan B guestlists. You want to find somewhere large enough to accommodate your full guest list, but also have a room that you won’t look lost in, should you have to cut your guest numbers down. If you’re planning your wedding overseas you will of course need to research a little further into what insurance companies cover you for outside the UK. Most suppliers will have double the amount of work in 2021, all being well, due to the postponements of most 2020 weddings. So, if there are any particular suppliers you know you want to book, then definitely reach out soon to get them penciled in for your date.

Things will be slightly different to how you most likely predicted planning your wedding to be. For example, when it comes to trying on dresses, you most likely would have envisioned all of your bridal party and some close family members being present, however this is unfortunately not going to be the case for a little while. With modern day technology, you can still ensure everyone feels included. Have someone who is present setup a zoom call with the people who unfortunately can’t join in person, so you’ll still get the help and opinions you need. Whilst visiting venue options, make sure you take lots of photos or videos, so you can then send them onto everyone after to see what they think.

As this is a highly stressful time for everyone, occasions such as weddings are an amazing thing for people to look forward to! If you are happy to, definitely try to get people involved with the planning, that you think will be able to take some stress of you also. It’ll give people a great thing to focus on, whilst allowing you to enjoy the planning process a little more. As weddings can be an extremely costly occasion, make sure you are reaching out to people who can help alleviate costs where possible. Perhaps you’ll have a family member who is close friends with a florist, or a friend who is a baker. All these little things really do add up!

Whilst it’s key to remain positive about your day, and all aspects of it, it’s also important to be realistic with your expectations. If you feel you’ll struggle to plan a wedding with the restrictions/rules constantly changing, why not look into booking a wedding planner. They will be able to deal with any hiccups that you may face. If you do face the challenge of having to move your original date, your wedding planner will take control of contacting all of your suppliers to talk through your options and get a new plan in place. Whilst it may not have been an option you would’ve once considered, perhaps it’s something to keep in mind.

Although you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t get every aspect of your wedding day that you’d hoped for, it’s important to remember the bigger picture and why you are getting married in the first place. If you’re doubting that a smaller wedding can be as special, take some time to look at images from COVID weddings, and you’ll see just as how special, if not more, your day can still be. If that doesn’t feel right for you, allow yourself a couple of years to knuckle down with your planning, ready for when normality makes a comeback!