Where does your head go if you don’t keep ‘ lid on it’ or ‘ face the fear’ or ‘eat the toad’ or ‘shake it Off’ or ‘ignore it’? 

Inspired by @hayleymorris3 and @clairenicolestansfield here,  we are talking about ‘brain’ and where my head goes and how actually, by having a celebrant, your imagination of the worst case scenario is soothed and put to rest.

Will he turn up?

What if the roof caves in?

Omg, the guests are going to think I look like a wanna be ‘proper’ bride!

Does my bridesmaids really have my back?

SOOOOO many nasties just sitting on your shoulder having a little word in your left ear – you are almost tempted to run away into the woods! 

But pause!  Everything you want is usually the other side of some sort of fear.

The only time you should run to the woods is to get a profile shot like this  lol!  (We love this Denim bike Jacket from Depicted Denim

A Celebrant will help your nerves, your sense of control, your ability to know where you are with it all and to generally keep you from biting your nails; Why? Because a celebrant should give you a rehearsal and so the fear of the unknown is banished!  Plus of course they keep in contact through the engagement and wedding planning journey.

They will give you security in the familiar. You won’t feel so in danger because you will recognise it and know the emotion come the day of the ceremony.  For any neuro divergent folk out there, or those coping with anxiety or general control freaks amongst us, a Celebrant IS the answer.

Catastrophe is born out of worry, the unknown, and the fear of not having control.  I will share and guide you in all you need to know.  A celebrant shall de mystify the ceremony itself by sending you the script to tweak and edit so it’s perfect for you, and you will have the final say, AND have a rehearsal to make your ceremony failure proof.

This post was written by Helen Noble and originally posted here. Helen is an exhibitor in the WeddingShow247 Celebrants & Toastmasters Hall on the Celebrant floor. You can visit the exhibition stand here.