So you’re thinking about cake! I mean who doesn’t love a cheeky slice of indulgence? Everyone’s gleefully happy and then ta-da! You’re offered a slice of heaven- you just can’t say no 

But what kind are you going to have? It is YOUR day, but with soooo many options and choices available- where do you start? 

At the beginning 

And I mean like when you were a child, think back, what your dream idea of a wedding cake? You may even have a scrap book with your ideas in. That’s a great place to start. Look in magazines, check out friends and families wedding cakes, search the Internet too- so many ideas and inspiration to be had. You will most definitely see things that you absolutely love and other ones you will really think are awful, but that’s the beauty of it, each cake suits the people it’s for.  

Most important thing to remember!! It’s your decision- nobody else’s. As a wedding cake maker, I 100% let the bride/groom run free with what they want, you most definitely do not want to be pushed or swayed into something you do not want, trust when I say, you will regret it otherwise. 


Seemingly size is absolutely everything! But realistically how much cake do you actually need? Figure out how many people are attending, then decide. Remember, different shaped cakes, serve differing portions!  

There are options 

  • You could freeze the leftovers 
  • You could have a smaller cake 
  • You could even have the big tiered cake you’ve dreamed about -but using some dummy cakes. (Be aware, the cost of these won’t be as cheap as you think, due to choices of decorations,  size etc) 

In this day and age, unnecessary wastage is something we are all trying to stop surely? 

Ultimately, you need to plan each part, do not rush and do not be pushed into something you don’t want.  You want this part of your special day to be amazing!! 

This post was written by Wedding Cakes by Michaela, they are an exhibitor on the WeddingShow247 Cakes floor of the Sweets & Treats hall. You can visit their WeddingShow247 exhibition stand here.